Tech Guru Alert!

At Unbody, we’re building something epic – and guess what? We want our users to understand every bit of it. Think you can break down our tech magic into easy bites?

What’s the Deal?

We're on the hunt for a tech-savvy writer who’s great with words and better with codes. Dive into a two-phased mission: creating an outline and then co-authoring the ultimate content. And oh, our engines are revved up for a 2-month sprint.

Your To-Do List:

  1. Work on the outline, revisiting our GraphQL API, dashboard, features, and tutorials.
  2. Co-write the content, transforming tech jargons into sweet, comprehensible pieces.

Your Toolkit Should Have:

  • Pro technical writing skills, especially when it comes to API and dashboards.
  • A knack for making complicated things sound simple.
  • Flexibility and a love for collaboration.

Bonus Points:

Freelancers, listen up! For phase one, we'll settle on a fixed rate. As we progress, we'll switch to hourly or word-based rates. And hey, showing off your Unbody understanding? Totally worth it.

Jump In!

Got the tech-wit to guide our users? We're all ears (and codes). Drop us a line at