Our Story

Our journey into the vast universe of content management made us realize the need for a platform that goes beyond traditional boundaries. We were looking for an intuitive, flexible solution that would break the shackles of a single interface and adapt to the digital reality of our era.

Out of this need, Unbody was born.

Unbody isn't just another tool in the CMS landscape. We designed it to be an intuitive solution that comprehends and manages digital content as seamlessly and naturally as a human being. It's not confined to a single interface, but instead, offers a flexible, interactive experience.

Our aspiration for Unbody goes beyond simple content management. We envision a world where digital content doesn't just sit in a repository waiting to be processed, but exists in its most expressive, rich context.

Our Approach

As we embarked on our journey to create an improved content experience, we married interface-agnostic content management with context-aware technologies. The result is a platform that reshapes content interaction into a fluid dialogue, similar to a conversation between two individuals.

In crafting Unbody, we've unveiled a wide array of utilities and features. From sophisticated search capabilities to powerful media processing and intuitive contextual queries, our platform harnesses the strength of Large Language Models (LLMs) and other AI technologies. This approach transforms content interaction into a straightforward exchange of questions and answers.

However, our ambition isn't confined to improving existing CMSs. Unbody is our answer to creating semantically rich applications and a space that transforms how we interact with digital content. More than just a tool, Unbody is our step towards a digital future where limitations are nonexistent.

Unbody and Open Source Contributions

Our pursuit of superior content management has led us to create various open source packages and modules. These tools, designed for handling vector databases and building personalized websites, represent our commitment to enhancing content interaction and simplifying content management. As part of our long-term roadmap, we aim to gradually release these resources, contributing to the growth and development of the open-source community.

Xbody: A Unique Ecosystem

We've built more than a platform; we've built an ecosystem. Xbody invites creators, thinkers, and digital explorers to collaborate and push the boundaries of website and app development. This unique program is a place for designers, content producers, and developers to bring their vision to life with Unbody's power. Discover more on our Xbody page.

Our Team

We are a small team of young spirits. Want to join us? Check out Xbody program and/or drop us a line at hello@unbody.io👋.

Amir Houieh
Amir HouiehFounder & CEO
Hossein Mehrabi
Hossein MehrabiCTO